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  • Squirrels Jigsaw

    Squirrels Jigsaw

    Piece together three great jigsaws of squirrels

  • Berzerk Ball 2

    Berzerk Ball 2

    He’s big, he’s balding, he still lives in his [...]

  • Spring Rolls

    Spring Rolls

    A new fancy sushi resto has just opened and guess what: yo [...]

  • Dungeon Deadline

    Dungeon Deadline

    Enter the Deadline Dungeons and loot as much gold as you c [...]

  • Hiding Kisses Jack and Jenny

    Hiding Kisses Jack and Jenny

    Jack and Jenny are playing hide and seek with friends and [...]

  • Emo Television Cozy

    Emo Television Cozy

    Lorraine needs your help with some cool Emo makeup ideas. [...]

  • Pony Girl

    Pony Girl

    Charlie is a talented rider and she likes to take her pony [...]

  • From the Dark

    From the Dark

    Spark is stuck in the farthest wetlands – but with t [...]

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology – part two

    Human Anatomy and Physiology – part two

    This is a quiz of human anatomy and human physiology. The [...]


Terror Combat Defense

Terror Combat Defense

rnThe terrorist are attacking U.S army base. you are responsible to defense the base without le [...]


Super Appleman Insect Crisit

Super Appleman Insect Crisit

In a distant planet, there are applemen who live happily. But one day, dark nights fall and rnr [...]


Christmas gift from my mom

Christmas gift from my mom

I got a cute puppy from my mother as Christmas gift but needs your help to make it ready before [...]


Snakes Jigsaw

Snakes Jigsaw

Use the mouse to piece together the three pictures of Snakes


Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop

Your objective is to pop all the balloons with Emy in each level. Beware because you have a max [...]


Earth Prime

Earth Prime

Description:After the Big Bang you are responsible for the wealth of planet Earth. Choose your [...]