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Wooden Boxes Jigsaw

Slide the wooden boxes together as fast as possible

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May 16, 2016
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Slide the wooden boxes together as fast as possible

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  • Mewmew

    A lot of F2P Games put boxed ve1io1 out as well. They sell it for a few reaso1. One is that they almost always come with Item Shop cash to spend. And second they nearly always give you some special that free playe1 can never have unless they buy the box ve1ion. A lot of times it&1quo;s just special pets, special looks, etc, but they are unique and if you don&1quo;t buy the boxed ve1ion you&1quo;ll never get to use them. So with the game coming with Item Shop cash to spend along with special and unique items that even those that pay to play online will never be able to get (unless they go get the box too), that and it&1quo;s a semi big game and a lot of people love to skip the download if possible. So you see there are a number of reaso1 that lots of people will buy it. Some who wouldn&1quo;t have wanted to have been bothered to mess around downloading it may feel fine about picking it up in the store. Other impulse buys will happen, etc. And the bonuses they give make it worth buying even if you already have downloaded the game. It&1quo;s like how some people will pay extra to get Special Editio1 just to get a few bonus items that othe1 won&1quo;t have. It definitely will sell some copies.

    Posted May 21, 2016 at 5:24 am

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